Bandit9 on Uncrate.

This is amazing. Bandit9 made it on one of the coolest design sites EVER. Uncrate has just published Nero. These guys feature only the latest, hottest toys guys dream about. These guys are really picky. This is one of those places we’ve been trying real hard to get at and now finally…we’re in.

I’ve been trying to position ourselves as more than just a garage. I really want Bandit9 to be seen as one of the best design shops around and getting on Uncrate is a major step for us in that direction.

Thanks again, Uncrate.


Bandit #2 on the way

Some detail shots from our next project. Getting really excited about this one :)

Little things are important!

Trying to get the right finish….

Love this black quality…

Why cover it up when it looks this good?

Cargo Collective Update

Some more shots of Loki. Head on over to our website for more bandit 9 info and photos. 

Bandit #2 - Teaser

Bandit #2 on the way. 

Building Bandit #1 - Loki

We visited the shop to check on the progress and we’re definitely happy with the details!