So…things are going well.

So this is a real breakthrough for us at Bandit9. Nero is on the cover of one of the hottest custom bike magazines out there - Iron & Air.

We are only about 8 months old so we’re really proud of the way things are going for us. We’re really thrilled to be amongst the biggest names in the custom motorcycle world and that is really encouraging for us. Some of these guys have some serious work and it’s quite a humbling experience to be a page-flip away.

There are 5 glorious spreads of the newest beast born from our very modest workshop in Beijing. The pages are filled with really gorgeous shots of Nero, which took us an eternity to perfect.

But here’s what’s cool about Iron & Air. While other magazines and blogs focus on specs and random nerdy details that wouldn’t interest the casual reader, Iron & Air invests a lot of time and energy to paint a holistic portrait of the builders, the bikes and the inspiration. They write great stories. And they wrote a good one for us. Michael Hilton’s words make us sound a lot cooler than we actually are…we’re just a bunch of motorcycle geeks that build bikes that we would ride. Nothing more.

So here’s what I suggest to all you folks that dare to start their own garage - go get yourself a subscription to Iron & Air’s magazine. There’s a serious wealth of inspiration in their pages and it’s just damn good training.

Okay…now I’m going to get into my creative ad mode and market the bejesus out of this bike. Make sure you visit our site and check out some more shots of Nero. Here’s another shot of Nero. Pretty hot stuff.

Iron & Air: Issue One features Nero.

It’s finally out ladies and gents. And guess who’s on the cover bitches.

Unfortunately, I’m away from the office right now and can’t download this glorious magazine. I can’t wait to get back and read this beautiful gem of a publication. But you can!

Nero is featured on Issue One which is a huge milestone for us at Bandit9. We really got lucky with this one. So finally, here’s a first look at Nero!!! We’ll be updating our site shortly.

Just wanna send out my love to the folks at Iron & Air. A huge thank you to Brett Houle and Michael Hilton.

Iron & Air

So you guys really have to follow Iron & Air. They’ve got the coolest bikes…including Bandit9 bikes…hehe.

As you can see, Iron & Air will be releasing their very first issue real soon annnnndddd we’ll be in it. We’re really excited about it…just as much as the opening to the Dark Knight Rises, which we’re traveling all the way to Hong Kong to see. In like 3 hours.

The countdown begins.