Bandit9 on Megadeluxe

We’ve been very fortunate with all the recent press. Megadeluxe has just published an extensive interview with me, which is a huge honor. There are some really wonderful interviews with people from all sorts of disciplines. I probably spent a good hour (during work) just reading.

These guys only pick the cream of the crop including custom motorcycle stars such as Shinya Kimura, Dustin Kott and Scott T. form the Tarantulas. When they first approached me about the article, I wasn’t exactly comfortable being on the same page as those guys. It’s like “Daryl who? Bandit what?” But this was too large of an opportunity to pass.

A big shout out to Wes Garcia from Megadeluxe. It was an incredible pleasure to work with you and I hope you’ll have us back on your site soon. Atlas is coming.